The Grenor Trade coloured mulch is made of quality deciduous and coniferous trunk wood chips, produced with particular attention to the principle of sustainable nature and an action plan conforming to the ISO standard. Colorants are special natural pigments based on ferrous oxide. A specially ordered device is used for colouring, which dyes the wood chips using the mixing method. It ensures a uniform colour of the wood and prevents a situation where the output is partially uncovered with dye. The special wood chip paint BayScape conforms to EU requirements, ensuring safety to humans, animals, plants, the soil as well as groundwater. Due to this, the Grenor Trade coloured mulch may be used in flowerbeds, pathways, playgrounds, etc.

When used in flowerbeds, its properties are similar to that of regular wood chip mulch, i.e. it protects the ground from drying out, prevents the growth of weeds, avoids erosion, etc. When mulch is used in a garden, less fertilizer and water is used. This makes mulching beneficial for the health as well as the budget of the gardener. Using mulch saves trouble in cultivation as well. When a flowerbed or a plot of land is dug up or ploughed, weed seeds are pushed closer to the surface where they sprout and weeding gives us a lot of extra work. Getting rid of root weeds is particularly hard. Plucking them brings seeds to the surface again and so the weeding never ends. Chemical weed control means spending money, poisoning yourself as well as surface and groundwater and organisms in the soil. Mulching seems to be the only reasonable solution.


When is the right time to use mulch?

The best time to cover or change old mulch is in spring, right after snow has melted. It is recommended to place a special soil cover under the layer of mulch. The optimal thickness of the mulch layer is 5–8 cm when a soil cover is used. When layered directly on the soil, at least 10 cm should be allowed for thickness. If you want the ground to thaw faster, you should wait a little longer with mulching.

Coloured mulch is sure to add character to garden design and let your fantasy fly higher than with regular pine bark or wood chip mulch.
Standard hues available in stock: natural, red, brown, black.
Also available upon ordering: yellow, blue, green. Upon ordering these hues, the term of supply and the price need to be agreed upon separately.